Corry Auto Dealers Exchange is the key to buying and selling vehicles with ease. From interior detailing to dent repairs, our affordable auto services will make your vehicles auction-ready in no time. We also offer convenient services for buyers as well.  

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Convenient Car Services

Let us take care of the following details so you can spend more time enjoying the show:

  • Reconditioning services: Get bidders more interested in your metal by having it roll through the lanes sparkling clean! Our cleaning and detailing services will help your vehicles earn top dollar.
  • Mechanical services: If a car needs some mechanical work, our certified mechanics can help sellers and buyers alike. We handle everything from oil changes to minor repairs.
  • Transportation services: Planning on buying or selling several vehicles? Our insured drivers will take care of the logistics, transporting the vehicles from the dealership to the auction — or vice versa.
  • Post-sale inspections: After the auction, our certified mechanics will check the vehicles for your assurance. Post-sale inspections boost your confidence in your purchases.
  • Locksmith services: Need an extra key or an ignition repair? Our professional locksmiths can solve any lock-and-key dilemma.  
  • Floor plan services: We accept payment from several floor plan companies for your convenience. Don’t have a floor plan service? We can suggest several reputable ones.
  • Condition report and imaging: Compiling the condition report, pictures, and other information that’s needed to sell a car is a big job. Our professionals will save you time by gathering this data.  
  • Dealer travel: If you’re traveling from afar, we’re happy to offer hotel and flight assistance. Let us know how we can make the trip stress-free.

To learn more about us and our auction, be sure to view the calendar, run list, and our Internet tools for online car auctions. Also, don’t forget to register online. Call Corry Auto Dealers Exchange at 814-664-7721 for help with directions. We follow the policies of the National Auto Auction Association